What is a mentor? 

A mentor is an individual and more experienced, who helps and guides another individual’s development in their chosen field. Mentoring is being guided by your mentor to help you achieve your goals sooner and to a higher level. The Property Experts Academy Mentorship Programme is run in small groups – we look to provide a quality programme and we feel that this can only be done in very small groups.
The Programme will guide and support you to achieve your objectives and is perfectly tailored to those who have a strong desire to succeed and are highly motivated to achieve significant goals in 12 months. To help you succeed, the group is limited to just 10-15 investors to ensure more individual attention.

“Mentorship is not just about what a mentor gives to you. It’s about what you give to your mentor.

You give your word that you will work hard.

You give your word that you will be committed.

You give your word that you will make this work no matter what.

And we make sure you keep your word.”

Who should attend?

You should attend if:

  • You have a strong desire to succeed
  • You are highly motivated to achieve significant goals in 12 months
  • You want to be held accountable!
  • Are new to property investing, just starting out or restarting
  • Have no properties, 1-3 properties or more!

Course Content

  • Limited to 10-15 investors
  • 2 days of 1-2-1 Mentoring with a choice of mentors to help speed up your progress. These can be taken together or as individual days
  • 2 Mentors for all group meetings – to ensure consistency the 2 mentors stay with the group for the full 12 months – no changing or swapping around
  • Fortnightly update/accountability calls throughout the year
  • Daily online access to your Mentors
  • 10 full Mentorship days with other members of the group
  • The group will meet to discuss their progress, brainstorm ideas and discuss aspects of property investment to move their business forward, including an overview of topics such as:
    • Building a Business Plan
    • Researching and establishing your area
    • Establishing your strategy – finding one that suits you and your circumstances
    • Sourcing deals and marketing
    • Raising private finance/Joint Ventures
    • Let to Rent
    • Serviced Apartments and Holiday Lets
    • Lease Options
    • Assisted Sales
    • Buy-to-let
    • HMO (Houses of Multiple Occupancy)
    • Commercial Property Strategies
    • Structuring the deals
    • Creative financing methods
    • Buying with very little money!
    • Succeeding without using any of your own cash!
    • Goal setting (both personal and property related)
    • Priority notification and tickets to Masterclass courses to further your education
  • Property 3 day Masterclass included FREE OF CHARGE!
  • No other programme offers the same level of access to mentors!
  • Taught by active Property Investors and NOT trainers who invest sometimes
  • Taught by experienced Property Investors who have been investing for years

Why choose us?

  • Our mentees have been successfully investing and have made multi-million pound worth portfolio in less than 18 months
  • We care about our customers more!
  • Value for money – no other company offers the same level of access to mentors as we do
  • All of our mentors are experienced industry professionals with years of experience AND are all active investors
  • We believe in quality over quantity – our programme has limited availability
  • No other programme offers the same level of access to mentors!
  • ALL of our mentors have substantial experience in property investing – it wasn’t just learnt yesterday!


This programme is not suitable for everyone – it will require hard work and dedication and a strong desire to succeed. If you are serious about succeeding in your property business then this programme is for you.

Most mentorship programmes do not even offer a 25% of what this programme offers – learn from the best. Consider this the best value Investment you will ever make!
If you would like to see whether you qualify to join the Mentorship Programme and how it can help you to achieve your property goals, then email us at info@propertyexpertcademy.com

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