12 Weeks Platinum Program

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Our Most popular 12 Weeks Platinum Program

Only £9,997.00 £3,997.00

In our 12 weeks Platinum program you will have learning topics and task to implement the learnings every week. You also get fortnightly online sessions where you can ask any question and discuss about how to deal with any hurdle in your property journey. This is a hand holding type process where you will implement the knowledge in our safe environment and have regular support.


Further, you will also get access to the 3 Day intensive online training that will cover the following:

  1. Building Your Property Foundations and mindset
  2. Setting your goals for property business
  3. 10 best proven Property investment strategies that have been used by many successful investors
  4. Strategy 1
  5. Strategy 2
  6. Strategy 3
  7. Strategy 4
  8. Strategy 5
  9. Strategy 6
  10. Strategy 7
  11. Strategy 8
  12. Strategy 9
  13. Strategy 10
  14. How to replace your regular income or salary by Property passive income
  15. Low money or No money down Strategies
  16. Understanding of property gearing ratio and cash positive portfolio
  17. How to add value in a property without even physically touching it.
  18. Many creative ways to add value in a property
  19. What to buy
  20. How to buy it
  21. Areas for strategies
  22. Where to buy for your chosen strategy
  23. What areas will work for your chosen strategy/s
  24. Buying Criteria
  25. Laws and understanding around Property Investment and detailed process
  26. How to do due diligence
  27. Various ways to source property
  28. how to analyse the deals and its profitability
  29. How to use Social media to grow your Property Business
  30. How to identify the location for investment
  31. Tools and tips to grow fast
  32. How to deal with Estate agent and role play
  33. how to create your business plan for successful property business
  34. How to stop repossession and make a profit from it.
  35. how to raise funds and be your own bank
  36. Advanced negotiation skills
  37. Advanced strategies to scale faster
  38. Case studies

4 reviews for 12 Weeks Platinum Program

  1. Rajesh

    Awesome Course, Exactly what I was looking for. I had been to many trainings but first time I found someone who is help us in every step to get succeed in property journey. Highly recommended.

  2. Maria

    I liked the new creative way of investing in property. And it was very easy to understand and implement step by step

  3. Amjad Khan

    Great training, Well worth spending my money.

  4. Julia

    It was an Awesome training I have ever been to

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